Ways to Be a Certified Project Manager

The Project Management Certification is offered to people who display exceptional talent in handling projects and taking them to success. The Project Management Certification is initiated so that government, commercial and other organizations can hire people who have the capacity to pass the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam and lead more projects to success. The Project Management Certification is offered by the Project Management Institute. Though, many people have received this Project Management Certification to date, there are a few criteria and processes that can help you get the certificate in an easier and hassle free way. So, if you want to get the Project Management Certification, you have to jump the following hurdles.

First, you have to gather all possible information about the Project Management Certification and PMP training. Since universally accepted, the benefits of this certificate are many fold. This is a globally accepted certificate which can open the door to better jobs and open new and better avenues in your career. The certificate is said to provide jobs even during the economic depression when people, usually, lose their jobs. Even amidst the economic depression, this Project Management Certificate can be your pathway to success. However, it is no easy feat and there are professional PMP training courses to help you sail through easily. You can visit their official website to take part in the online training for people who are eligible and want to sit for the exam. So you can get the PMP training to help you a step further in achieving the Project Management Certification.

The certificate demands some prior qualifications before you can even take the test. You must show a high school diploma or an associate’s degree with 60 months or 7,500 hours of project management experience. If you have a bachelor's degree with 36 months or 4,500 hours of project management experience, then also you are eligible. If you have a high school diploma, then you need additional 60 months or 7500 hours of project management work. If you have a bachelor’s degree, you need 36 months or 4500 hours of project management experience. You have to maintain the PMP credentials and that also has its own eligibility requirements. You have to earn 60 professional development units. These are called PDU’s and they get verified every three years. The PMP credentials get verified every three years.

 Passing the PMP exam is no easy feat. The PMP exam has a prescribed syllabus which you can find on their website. The PMP website explains that you have to study a minimum of 35 hours if you want to pass the exam and get the Project Management Certification. There is a syllabus that is given in their official website. The syllabus is divided into six different areas. Questions are expected from each area. The pattern includes 200 multiple choice questions. It is also important to remember that multiple choice questions do not mean it is going to be very easy. You can visit their official website for further help. The website, apart from providing online PMP training, also has names of books that will help you sail through the exam. They provide various other kinds of online help as well.

So study hard and get the Project Management Certification.


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